Beach soccer practice section launched

FIFA, 24 Jan 2023


A dedicated beach soccer section is now available on the FIFA Training Centre's Practice page.

Beach soccer is a unique form of football, and a joy to play and to watch. It is played in a very distinctive style: the small pitch promotes fast-paced, end-to-end action, with a high number of shots and goals being the norm. At the same time, the soft sand allows for some stunning aerial play, as well as creating an uneven playing surface that demands outstanding technical ability. But how do you play a fast-paced game on a surface that makes running feel painstakingly slow? The answer is conditioning: a beach soccer player needs a great engine to help them glide over – rather than sink into – the sand. 

The unique format of beach soccer develops a specific skillset distinct to that of football, but also leaves room for a diverse range of playing styles. It represents a special challenge and is both an exciting sport in its own right and a great training tool for players who play primarily on grass but are looking to cultivate the skills that are crucial for success on the beach.

To mark the launch of the beach soccer section, FIFA's beach soccer technical experts have created tutorials to help master the game's most fundamental skills. To follow on from these core skills, the experts have also compiled a series of technical exercises. As mentioned above, the playing surface is naturally uneven, so excellent ball control is a must.  These technical exercises form the first part of our beach soccer training content, meaning there's more in the pipeline.

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