Volleyed shot

Angelo Schirinzi, 25 Jan 2023


This exercise works on finishing on goal. The aim is to score on the volley following a one-two in the air.


  • Set up 2 ball stations on the goal line, 1 level with each corner area. Divide the players between the 2 stations.

  • Place a cone on the imaginary halfway line opposite each station. Position a player at each cone.

  • Position 2 players on the imaginary penalty‑area line and diagonal to both the cone and the starting station. This supporting player plays a one-two with the attacker.


  • The attackers stationed at the cones receive a pass in the air from the station opposite them. They need to control the ball, play a one-two with the supporting player on the edge of the penalty area and then hit a volleyed shot at goal.

  • A maximum of 2 touches per player are allowed for the pass and the finish, respectively.

  • Rotate stations: once a player has taken their shot, they take up the role of the supporting player on the edge of the penalty area. The supporting player joins the back of the queue at the starting station diagonally opposite them, while the player who made the initial pass moves to the cone to become the attacker.


  • Only 1 touch per player is allowed for the pass and the finish, respectively.

Coaching points

  • The quality of the first touches and passes in the air are key. Players should give their team-mates the best possible chance of scoring by carefully weighting their passes.

  • This exercise also allows the goalkeeper to work on their reflexes.

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