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This section offers coaches a vast range of training sessions aimed at cultivating the essential skills and qualities that players require to thrive on the pitch. The elite training sessions are mostly based on game scenarios, while Training Perspectives are innovative concepts and methodologies shared by a select group of coaching experts.

Session plans

Players face many challenges during the course of a football match and require certain skills and qualities in order to overcome them. The training sessions in this section are designed to mirror the challenges encountered in match scenarios. Being exposed to these challenges in a controlled environment allows players to gradually develop and master the skills and qualities required to successfully negotiate them. Repeating the wide variety of challenges provided in these elite training sessions will help players to excel in all of the scenarios that arise during a football match.

Global experts
Youth national teams
Training perspectives

When reflecting on a team's success, players often point to a coach's perspective on training as a crucial factor. But what do these perspectives on training entail? From the outside, it can be difficult to get the complete picture. The Training Perspectives section brings the innovative concepts and methodologies of a select group of coaching experts to the forefront. Learn from them as they share their unique perspectives on training and its rationale.

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