#Anticipating ball trajectories

Part 4: How the brain anticipates the flight of the ball

Romain Bordas, 04 Apr 2023


Neurovision specialist Romain Bordas explains how we learn to anticipate the flight of the ball as children, and how goalkeepers and goalkeeping coaches can use these insights to improve their performance on the pitch.

In this series of short videos, renowned orthoptist Romain Bordas draws on his work as a researcher and international performance consultant to give us a fascinating insight into how our brains and eyes work together to anticipate the flight of a football, before suggesting how his research can help us develop more effective training programmes for goalkeepers.

Part 1: Romain Bordas and neurovision
Part 2: Clinical approach
Part 3: Trajectory anticipation
Part 4: Conclusion
Part 5: How to train

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