Make the sand your friend


Beach soccer's unique conditions produce unrivalled levels of feints and outstanding aerial play, as well as demanding robust conditioning to overcome the soft sand. This section is intended to be a repository of high-quality practice exercises and tutorials curated by experts in this form of the game. Whether you are new to the sport or have been involved for years, these sessions will help you on your beach soccer journey.

Practice library

The Training Centre's extensive library of practice drills covers every aspect of the game, and it's growing all the time. Whatever you want to work on with your players, you will find plenty of inspiration in these sessions.

Technical training
Defensive principles
Offensive principles
Set plays

The paths to Beach Soccer may not be as straight-forward as one would expect – but they certainly are interesting. Hear from the experts and players themselves about the paths (and sometimes detours) they've taken and what matters in the highly entertaining sport that is Beach Soccer.