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FIFA, 03 Oct 2023


The FIFA Training Centre caught up with Switzerland beach soccer goalkeeper Eliott Mounoud in a wide-ranging interview that spanned topics such as his career beginnings, the unique role of the goalkeeper in beach soccer, what sets this form of the game apart from others and his hopes for the future.

Mounoud played a pivotal role in Switzerland’s third-place finish at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2021™, where he landed the coveted adidas Golden Glove award. In addition, he was recognised by Beach Soccer Worldwide as the best goalkeeper in both 2021 and 2022.

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Part 1: Initial steps
Part 2: Role of the beach soccer goalkeeper
Part 3: The future and a career highlight

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Part 1: initial steps
After having played association football from a young age, Mounoud got his first taste of beach soccer at the age of 16, when he took to the sand primarily for fun. Just three years later, he became a full-time professional beach soccer player. In the opening section of the interview, the Geneva native shares his perspective on the unique appeal of beach soccer and highlights the extraordinary atmosphere that surrounds the game. He states that anyone looking to take up beach soccer must have a genuine passion for it, given the challenges involved, noting in particular that any prospective player needs to possess the unwavering determination that is required to train alone.

Part 2: role of the beach soccer goalkeeper 
In the second part of the interview, Mounoud offers his thoughts on the unique role of the goalkeeper in beach soccer and reveals what he enjoys most about the position. He goes on to discuss the key character traits that any aspiring professional goalkeeper should possess before highlighting the major challenge involved in staying at the very top of the game after having completed the arduous journey to reach the summit. The Swiss shot-stopper comments on how the position has evolved in recent years, particularly with respect to rule changes and the significant impact that the increased dynamism of the game has had on the role. Mounoud rounds off this part of the interview by noting that depending on the tactical system deployed by a team, goalkeepers often play a pivotal role in the build-up phase.

Part 3: the future and a career highlight
In the final section of the interview, Mounoud discusses his personal aspirations for the future before offering his take on what steps could be taken to promote the development of beach soccer in the short term. When asked to reflect on the fondest memory of his beach soccer career, Mounoud singles out Switzerland’s exploits at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021™, where they clinched the final podium place, and he fulfilled a personal goal by claiming the adidas Golden Glove award as the tournament’s standout goalkeeper.

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