Empower the next generation of technical leaders


Technical development is paramount in building the future of football; as such, it is one of the most important areas of any football association. It is a long-term process whereby vision, perseverance, stability and continuity are required to achieve results in all areas and levels of a national pathway or strategy. The technical director plays a key role in this by defining and leading the country’s national technical development programme. With the development of football being at the heart of FIFA’s mission, it is crucial that every member association’s potential is maximised in this area. 

An insight into Technical Leadership

Across our FIFA Technical Leadership programmes, we aim to structure our education and content development around the following domains: Leadership, Management,  Amateur Football, Coach Education, and High Performance. Explore our programme areas below to gain an insight into the role of a technical leader, from the diverse perspectives of our 211 member associations.

Technical Director's Handbook

The main objective of the Technical Directors (TD) Handbook is to assist technical directors in the handling of daily business. It provides the user with guidance and methodologies for self-learning and self-development. The handbook is a resource that can be used to identify your needs and as such, should be adapted to relate to your own development within the context of your own role.