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As a game, football involves many layers. Over the years, many have dedicated their lives to gaining a better understanding of the game's dynamics with a view to introducing innovations in the way the sport is played. Featuring plenty of insightful resources developed by the sport’s leading experts, this section helps coaches in their journey to gain a more comprehensive grasp of the game.

Performance Analysis & Insights

In this section, world-leading experts shed light on the trends identified across the global game. Based on the analysis of match footage and FIFA's enhanced dataset from a variety of FIFA's international competitions, the experts call on their extensive knowledge to dissect the key moments within games and piece them together within the overarching trends. The Game Insights interview series gives coaches the chance to learn about the game’s trends in greater detail, whilst providing an inside insight into the novel ways in which elite-level professionals approach match analysis. The Football Language Analysis is based on FIFA's own open source Football Language, which breaks every game down into fine detail, which then allows the entire football community to reach new levels of understanding of the game.

Game Insights
Football Language Analysis
Team performance

In football, there are fundamental principles of play that – if abided by – can significantly improve a team’s performance. This category offers a series of analysis articles, organised on the basis of various game scenarios, that put these principles under the microscope. Supported by match footage from FIFA’s international competitions, these articles help coaches to enhance their technical expertise by deepening their understanding of principles that are relevant to all game scenarios.

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Individual performance

Football is a team sport, but individuals can nonetheless leave their mark on a match, season or era. An awareness of the qualities that are required for a player to excel can benefit both the team and the individual. By combining this awareness with a solid understanding of team principles, coaches are able to form a rounded picture of the game. The analysis articles within this rubric discuss the specific individual qualities possessed by the greatest players to have graced the game.