Create a high performance environment


When it comes to performance levels, every detail counts. A high-performance environment enables players and coaches to develop in a sustainable and holistic way that has been proven to offer them an edge on the pitch. In this section, individuals who have successfully established such an environment reveal the keys to the process.


Hear first-hand from world-leading experts who have made their mark in football. Take from their experiences and tap into thoughts on a variety of aspects, ranging from specific ideas on practice design to the big-picture visions of the modern game. Use the information revealed in the interviews to help piece together your own conception of the game.

Talent development

Talent development is made up of a multitude of facets, spanning from the identification of talents to the creation of an elite development environment through quality coaching, appropriate playing opportunities, and effective support networks.  Possessing these facets, which all focus on the individual and their needs, is crucial to giving every talent a chance to achieve their dream of playing at the highest level. This section brings together key information to support practitioners across the globe in creating the ultimate environment for talented boys and girls to thrive.

The team behind the team

A high-performance football environment comprises many roles and responsibilities. The head coach, goalkeeping and fitness coaches and performance analysts are just some of the individuals who play a part in a team's success. With the exception of the head coach, these individuals often work behind the scenes. Here we bring these roles firmly into the spotlight, discuss how they fit into the wider team and provide detailed insights on core aspects.