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Give every talent a chance

FIFA, 04 Feb 2022


At FIFA, one of our overarching aims is to give every talent a chance. And the launching of the FIFA Talent Development Scheme is one of the keys to achieving that objective.


One of the key tenets of The Vision 2020-2023 is to increase global competitiveness and to work towards the goal of having 50 national teams and 50 clubs competing at the highest level for global silverware. As such, we need to develop talent while being respectful of the local environment at each stage of that process. 

Competitions drive development, but development in turn demands commitment and high-quality work within a solid framework. That is why FIFA is increasing its investment through a holistic approach to technical and education projects and programmes. This includes analysis on the field with new performance analysis and insights, the FIFA Training Centre as a modern and dynamic platform to distribute knowledge, and now the FIFA Talent Development Scheme. 

This new programme will offer bespoke assistance to our member associations to help them reach their full potential. It will provide comprehensive support as well as structures for the pathways that take talents from the point at which they enter the game all the way through to transition opportunities into senior football. 

FIFA has a clear vision for how that collaborative work will continue with its member associations. In turn, associations must forge relationships with key stakeholders to share responsibility for constructing and harnessing their talent development ecosystem. 

Youth national-team programmes are of critical importance as a pathway to senior team success and long-term sustainability, leading to the emergence, identification and development of talented youngsters across the global pyramid. 

This is also one of the principal reasons why I am advocating for annual and expanded youth World Cups, creating a consistent and permanent competitive environment for players and investing in the future to make sure not only that every talent has a chance, but also to work progressively towards ensuring that those talents can seize those opportunities. 

By launching this programme for global benefit, we can improve the equality of opportunity for players across all six confederations and all 211 member associations and, ultimately, improve global competitiveness for the future health of football. 


Yours in football, 

Arsène Wenger 

FIFA Chief of Global Football Development

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