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The role of the academy director

FIFA, 23 Aug 2022


The role of the academy director is to provide a framework for the development of young players and to oversee the recruitment and development of players and coaches within their club's academy.

Since it is their job to develop the overall framework and vision for the academy and the coaches working under their supervision, academy directors must have a very clear understanding of their club's philosophy, as a clear philosophy creates a pathway for players to progress through the academy's age groups and, eventually, into the first team. It is critical that academy players are given the opportunity to develop their talent in line with the overall philosophy of the club, as this means they will immediately understand the system and playing style adopted by the first-team coach if they are called upon to represent the first team.

The academy director is also responsible for managing the academy's budget and all its staff, and is the key decision-maker when it comes to recruiting players recommended by the talent identification team.


Jayne Ludlow – Academy Director, Manchester City WFC

Jean Kindermans – Academy Director, RSC Anderlecht

Part 1 - Introducing the role
Part 2 - Academy director and club philosophy
Part 3 - Predicting the future of football and player pathways
Part 4 - Academy structure and curriculum
Part 5 - Talent identification and individual development
Part 6 - Qualities of an academy director

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