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The role of the goalkeeper coach

FIFA, 08 Nov 2021


The role of the goalkeeper coach is to prepare all the goalkeepers in the squad for the next match, both physically and mentally.

The more long-term perspective entails being responsible for their development as players, keepers and people, so that they are better prepared for every possible scenario which could unfold both on and off the pitch, whether that be in a match situation or dealing with injuries or setbacks. 

The role has evolved more than any other coaching position as a direct result of rule changes – none more so than the introduction of the back-pass rule in 1992. In the past, goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers would often train separately to the rest of the squad in a high percentage of training sessions. Nowadays, the head coach and goalkeeper coach make their goalkeepers work with the entire defence and sometimes the entire team on a regular basis. As well as performing their fundamental duty of stopping the ball crossing the goal line, the goalkeeper is now seen as the 11th outfield player and their pass is the starting point of so many of their team’s attacks.  

FIFA Training Centre caught up with former Swiss international goalkeeper and FIFA goalkeeping specialist Pascal Zuberbühler to find out more.

Part 1 - What does it take to be a goalkeeper coach?
Part 2 - Match preparation and working with the head coach
Part 3 - How can someone become a goalkeeper coach?
Part 4 - Prioritising the workload and preparing your goalkeeper

You need to be open-minded, you need to be active. You are no longer a ball machine to feed the goalkeepers – the goalkeeper coach is now a key position at every club

Pascal Zuberbühler on what it takes to be a goalkeeper coach

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