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Pascal Rohn on his role as goalkeeping coach

FIFA, 20 Jun 2023


Pascal Rohn, who serves as a technical adviser with a focus on goalkeeping at the French Football Association (FFF) and assistant coach to Jean Luc Vannuchi with the France U17 men’s national team, offers us an in depth insight into his role as goalkeeping coach.

Former professional goalkeeper Pascal Rohn has been a key figure at the FFF for over 20 years. Since the French FA appointed goalkeeping coaches across its youth national teams more than two decades ago, Rohn has had the opportunity to work with a number of youth internationals. He currently brings his experience and expertise to the France U17 side as assistant to Jean‑Luc Vannuchi.

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In the first part of the interview, Rohn discusses his transition from player to goalkeeping coach and his appointment at the FFF. In addition to being right‑hand man to U17 head coach Vannuchi, Rohn is responsible for developing the team’s goalkeepers. Reflecting on a critical and unique position that is constantly evolving in the modern game, Rohn goes on to offer his thoughts on the essential prerequisites to become an elite goalkeeper, with a particular focus on the attributes required to compete at international level.

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