Give every talent a chance


Talent development encompasses three key elements: talent identification, training, and playing opportunities. Elite clubs and associations acknowledge the importance of each component, realising that investing in these areas can yield long-term success on the field. This page serves as a hub for content related to talent development and high performance, with articles categorised according to the stages of the talent development pathway.

Talent pathways

A talent development pathway outlines the structured journey promising young players undertake to maximize their potential. It embodies an organisation's cultural values, fostering a nurturing environment essential for player growth. Strategically, it outlines how the organisation identifies talent, provides training tailored to individual needs, and offers ample playing opportunities that ensure alignment with its long-term goals and aspirations.


Talent identification serves as the foundation for nurturing promising players and building successful teams. Establishing a reliable talent identification system empowers clubs and organisations to identify and assess gifted players from all backgrounds, irrespective of gender, geographical location or socioeconomic status.


Training opportunities form a significant pillar of talent development. Practising with players of the same quality and having sufficient contact time with an expert coach are essential components of any aspiring elite player’s journey to the top. The articles below form a collection of material guaranteed to add to your training knowledge.


Playing opportunities are crucial for player development as they provide a platform to test and enhance skills in real-game situations.  Both the quantity and quality of matches are essential, as players need a sufficient number of games against appropriate competition to progress. Offering appropriate playing opportunities ensures players can continually challenge themselves and evolve as athletes.