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Aaron Clarke on beach soccer and football

FIFA, 19 Sep 2023


Aaron Clarke is captain of the England beach soccer team and, with 142 caps at the time of recording, one of their most experienced players. He made his international debut in 2013, and has been a fixture of the England side ever since.

In this interview, Angelo Schirinzi and Aaron Clarke join forces to explore the advantages beach soccer can offer to football players and delve into the ways beach soccer practice can be integrated into a football team's schedule.

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In the first part of the interview Aaron explains how he got involved with beach soccer and gives insights in his personal journey with the sport. For more than a decade, Aaron has dedicated his expertise as a youth football coach at Arsenal London, nurturing some of the most promising young talents and preparing them for successful careers in professional football.

Aaron proceeds to explain the advantages that playing beach soccer can bring to your overall football performance, especially from a physical point of view. Furthermore he gives insights of how beach soccer can improve your technique especially when it comes to playing the ball in the air. Moreover, he offers insights into how beach soccer can enhance your technique for football, particularly in terms of aerial ball control and play.

At the end of the interview, Aaron shares his personal dreams and plans concerning beach soccer. He aspires to create a platform for the next generation of beach soccer players.

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