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Coaches’ talk - Ramiro Amarelle and Angelo Schirinzi

FIFA, 22 Aug 2023


Ramiro Amarelle and Angelo Schirinzi stand tall as internationally renowned figures in the realm of beach soccer, with both leaving an indelible mark on the game thanks to their exceptional playing careers and current exploits in coaching. In this interview, the pair discuss the role of the coach in beach soccer and give an insight into their own coaching experiences in this form of the game.

Amarelle and Schirinzi, who both currently serve as FIFA Beach Soccer Technical Experts, continue to shape the evolution of the sport, with the profound influence that they assert on the game testament to their expertise, dedication and unwavering passion.

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The interview kicks off with Amarelle and Schirinzi highlighting the essential role that a coach plays in beach soccer. The duo point out that the coach’s role extends far beyond that of a tactician, noting that a coach is also tasked with being a motivator, mentor and leader who determines their team’s philosophy and performances.The two experts offer the low-down into what the role of a beach soccer coach entails, emphasising the effort that goes into planning training sessions, analysing the opposition and monitoring player development. Amarelle and Schirinzi then go on to stress the need for a coach to adapt their philosophy and tactics to the unique skill set of the players at their disposal.

The beach soccer specialists underscore the importance that technical staff operate as a collective unit, with collaboration and effective communication between the head coach, assistant coach, goalkeeping coach, video analyst, psychologist and nutritionist essential to ensuring a well-rounded approach in a team’s preparation. The pair then state that any prospective beach soccer coach must be passionate about the game, with passion, which fuels dedication, resilience and the ability to inspire players, cited as a key attribute to carve out a career in coaching. A thirst for knowledge, willingness to learn and the constant drive for improvement – even in times of success – are also mentioned as requisite skills for a beach soccer coach.

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