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Tactics talk – Ozu Moreira

FIFA, 06 Jun 2023


Ozu Moreira is captain of the Japan beach soccer team and, with over 100 caps, one of their most experienced players. He is a renowned defender and won the Golden Ball at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2019™.

In this interview, Ramiro Amarelle and Ozu Moreira sit down to discuss various beach soccer tactics and how they can be applied. Moreira explains how he became one of the game’s best defenders and his motivation to compete against the best attackers in the world.

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Moreira starts by looking back on his introduction to beach soccer and how everything started for him on the famous Copacabana Beach. Amarelle and Moreira then move on to discuss the development of the game over the years, including certain rule changes that made the sport more dynamic.

They then examine the key tactical elements of good attacking and defending and how the speed of the game plays a major role in those elements. Moreira underlines the importance of transitions in beach soccer and how they are often the difference between winning or losing. To conclude the interview, Moreira shares his thoughts on different formations and his favourite systems.

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