Beach Soccer Coaching Manual

FIFA, 07 Sep 2023


Beach soccer is a thrilling sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages, genders and abilities. Given its Brazilian roots, eye catching moves and high tempo play are hallmarks of the game. Since its inception in 1992, beach soccer has gained in popularity to the extent that it is now played in over 130 countries. The sport’s dynamic nature results in the constant evolution of its laws, strategies and skills, which combine to provide even greater excitement for players and fans alike.

In this coaching manual, we delve deeper into these aspects of the game and explore how they should be considered when devising a fitness and tactical training programme. The graphics and illustrations in this manual are designed to help you to visualise and understand the various exercises and coaching techniques that are presented. Finally, all of the training sessions in this manual are accompanied by video footage, which is available via the FIFA Training Centre.

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