Angelo Schirinzi, 25 Jan 2023


This session allows players to work on different types of passing and control, both on the sand and in the air.


  • Set up a series of 10-metre lanes by using markers.

  • Position 3 players at each lane, 2 at the starting point and 1 at the opposite marker.

  • Give the players a ball at the starting point of each lane.


  • The players dribble 2-3 metres, play a pass in the air while the ball is moving to the player stationed at the opposite marker, then follow their pass.


  • Carry out the same exercise, but this time the players stop the ball before playing a scooped pass.

  • Carry out the same exercise, but this time the players stop the ball, flick it up off the sand and hit a volleyed pass.

  • The players must then perform the move in 3 touches: control the received pass, flick the ball up off the sand and play a volleyed pass.

Coaching points

  • Passes should ideally land at the feet of the recipient, giving them the best possible chance to control the ball without any deceptive bounces.

  • When playing passes while the ball is moving, players should take care to ensure that the ball is not in a depression in the sand.

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