Dribbling 1v1

Ramiro Amarelle, 25 Jan 2023


This dribbling exercise works on both attacking and defensive 1v1 situations, with the aim in the attacking scenarios being to beat the opponent.


  • Mark out a square or rectangular exercise area. Adjust the size of the exercise area to increase or reduce the difficulty of the exercise.

  • Organise a line of players at either end of the exercise area.

  • Give each line of players a ball.


  • Create a 1v1 situation between an attacker and a defender, both of whom are given a ball. The attacker aims to stop the ball behind the defender’s end line. The defender attempts to steal the ball from the attacker while keeping possession of their own ball.

  • The players switch roles after each round.


  • Perform the exercise with one ball. Two teams contest 1v1 situations in succession. The attacker dribbles the ball and attempts to stop it behind the defender’s end line. If the defender wins the ball, they in turn attempt to dribble the ball and stop it behind their opponent’s end line. The player who succeeds in stopping the ball behind their opponent’s end line stays on and becomes the defender in a 1v1 situation against the next attacker. Each player can stay on for no more than 2 rounds.

  • The exercise begins with the ball in the middle of the exercise area. The defender only becomes “live” once the attacker has touched the ball. The attacker can use feints before dribbling the ball and trying to stop it along either of the sidelines. The attacker must take more than 1 touch for the point to count.

  • Perform the same exercise, but this time the attacker attempts to stop the ball behind their opponent’s end line.

Coaching points

  • The attacker should try to beat their opponent as quickly as possible.

  • The defender must close the attacker down.

  • This exercise allows players to work on feints with and without the ball.

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