Tackling 1v1

Angelo Schirinzi, 25 Jan 2023


In this 1v1 exercise, the emphasis is on defensive interventions.


  • Create 2 groups – 1 attacking and 1 defending.

  • Set up 2 ball stations on the goal line, 1 either side of the goal. Divide the defenders between the 2 stations on the goal line.

  • Place a cone in the middle of the pitch on the imaginary halfway line. Position the attackers at the cone, facing the goal.


  • The defenders take it in turns to play a pass to an attacker on the imaginary halfway line and then immediately follow their pass to close down the attacker.
  • The attacker controls the ball, then tries to take on the defender, who attempts to win the ball.

Coaching points

  • The defender must get close to the attacker to win the ball effectively.

  • The defender should harry the attacker to prevent them from going through on goal.

  • The defender should try to put the attacker onto their weaker foot.

  • The defender should show determination to win the 1v1 duel.

  • Ask the defender to stay on their feet for as long as possible and prevent the attacker from getting free.

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