Volleyed pass

Angelo Schirinzi, 25 Jan 2023


The aim of this exercise is to work on volleyed passes. A player’s ability to pass the ball in the air is a key skill in beach soccer and one that must be mastered.


  • Set up 1 or more circuits, depending on the number of available players. Each circuit area is marked out by 4 cones that form a diamond.

  • Place 6 players in each circuit, as per the image.


  • Ask the players with a ball to flick it up off the sand, play a volleyed pass and then follow their pass.

  • The recipient of the pass juggles the ball with 2 or 3 touches before playing a volleyed pass to the next player in the sequence. 

  • The exercise is performed with 2 balls in play. The coach determines the direction of the sequence.


  • Change the direction of the sequence while the exercise is being performed.

  • Play 2-touch: 1 touch to control followed by a volleyed pass.

  • Perform the exercise with 1 ball. The recipient of the pass plays a return pass to their team-mate, who advances towards them. This team-mate then plays a volleyed pass to the player stationed at the next cone in the sequence. Players may play 1- or 2-touch.

  • 5v1 rondo The players on the outside of the rondo must pass the ball without it touching the ground and without using their head. If they manage to complete 20 passes, the player in the middle of the rondo occupies the same role for another round.

  • 4v2 rondo The players on the outside of the rondo can use the head, but are limited to 3 touches.

Coaching points 

  • Ask the players to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. The ball must not touch the ground during the exercise.

  • Work on communication: ask the recipient to let the passer know that they are ready to receive the pass, while the passer should call to the recipient before playing the the pass.

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