Ramiro Amarelle, 25 Jan 2023


This session aims to improve defensive anticipation and defenders’ ability to intercept the ball. It also allows goalkeepers to work on their long throw-outs.


  • Organise 2 goalkeepers, 2 defenders and 4 attackers (2 of whom will be incorporated into the exercise as a variation).

  • Use the full pitch and both goals.

  • Mark out an area in front of each goal using cones.


  • Create 2 teams, each comprising a goalkeeper, an attacker and a defender.

  • Position a goalkeeper in each area along with their team’s defender and an opposing attacker. The players must remain within the marked area.

  • One of the goalkeepers starts the exercise with a long throw-out towards their attacker in the opposing area. The defender should try to anticipate the pass and get to the ball first.

  • The attacker should try to win the ball inside the playing area, rather than on the edge of the area. The attacker can try to score if they win the ball.

  • The goalkeepers take it in turns to throw the ball out. They should restart play as quickly as possible.


  • If the defender intercepts the ball, they can try to score in the opposing goal with a long-distance effort.

  • Add another attacker into each area to create a 2v1 situation. The attackers have a maximum of 5‑6 seconds to take a shot on goal. Keep score: a point is awarded if a team’s goalkeeper finds their attacker(s); a further point is awarded if the attacker manages to score. Play is always restarted by the goalkeeper who was most recently defending.

Coaching points

  • The defender must try to anticipate the trajectory of the ball to intercept it. The defender should always try to get in front of the attacker(s).

  • The defender can also feint to try to deceive the opposing goalkeeper as he looks to release the ball.

  • The attacker(s) should try to lose their marker to allow them to bring the ball under control and score.

  • The exercise also allows the goalkeepers to work on their long throw-outs.

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