Shooting/finishing circuit

Claude Barrabé, 25 Jan 2023


This exercise works on finishing on goal. The aim is to work on both shots taken off the sand and after flicking the ball up off the sand.


  • Set up 2 ball stations on the goal line, 1 level with each corner area. Position 2 players at each station.

  • Place 2 cones slightly ahead of the imaginary halfway line, 1 opposite each ball station. Position 2 players at each cone.


  • The attacker receives a pass in the air from a player situated at the station opposite them. They control the ball and run a few metres with it before shooting at goal.

  • Rotate stations: after shooting, the attacker takes up a position at the passing station located diagonally opposite them, while the passer moves to the shooting station opposite them.


  • The passer plays the ball to the chest of their team-mate, who brings it down to the ground before running a few metres with it and shooting at goal.

  • The attacker controls the ball, runs a few metres with it and then flicks it up off the sand before shooting.

Coaching points 

  • The aim is to record as many shots on target as possible. The attacker should therefore take the goalkeeper’s positioning into account, while also focusing on their own dribbling and shooting.

  • After controlling the ball, players should dribble towards goal.

  • This exercise also allows the goalkeeper to work on their reflexes.

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