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Pass and overlapping run

Angelo Schirinzi, 08 Mar 2023


This attacking exercise works on one-two passing with an overlap, while also enabling players to practise their finishing.


  • The exercise is performed using 1 goal. Rotate the goalkeepers.

  • Set up a ball station on each touchline, level with the imaginary halfway line, and place 2 support players on the edge of the penalty area.


  • The player at the ball station plays a pass into the nearest support player, before checking their run and making an overlapping run in behind the support player to receive their pass and take a first‑time shot on goal.

  • The support players should vary the passes they play to their overlapping team‑mate (along the ground and in the air).


  • Add a passive defender, who is tasked with impeding the final pass and closing the shooter down, forcing them to check their run before making the overlapping run.

  • Add a second defender to create a 2v2 situation.

Coaching points

  • The shooter should not show for the ball immediately after playing it to the support player, but instead make a decoy run and change direction to lose their marker before seeking the return pass in the one-two sequence.

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