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Playing quickly

Angelo Schirinzi, 08 Mar 2023


This exercise works on quick attacking play. The fact that a beach soccer pitch is shorter and narrower than an association football pitch makes quick attacking play an important element of the game. This exercise works on passing while moving and body shape with a view to shooting on goal.


  • Use the full pitch and both goals.

  • Set up a ball station beside each goal.

  • Divide the outfield players into pairs.


  • The goalkeeper begins the exercise with a long throw‑out towards the 2 players positioned at the edge of the opposing penalty area. The 2 players have to try and score into the goal defended by the goalkeeper who played the throw‑out. 

  • From the goalkeeper’s throw‑out, the pair progress towards goal as quickly as possible by exchanging aerial passes while moving. They should try to score in no more than 6 touches (including touches to control the ball).

  • The goalkeepers at either end of the pitch take it in turns to play the throw‑out to alternate the direction of the attacking sequence.


  • Create a 3v1 situation in favour of the attacking team. In this variation, the attacking pair are again asked to finish on goal in no more than 6 touches. Where appropriate, a pair may shoot on goal in fewer than 6 touches.

Coaching points

  • The exercise allows players to work on aerial passes. 

  • Players should try to finish on goal as quickly as possible by setting up their team‑mates in the most favourable shooting positions.

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