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Shots from distance

Angelo Schirinzi, 08 Mar 2023


Attacking phase with an emphasis on finishing. The aim of this exercise is to work on shooting from distance, which is very common in beach soccer and is therefore an essential skill to practise and hone.


  • The exercise requires 8 outfield players and 2 goalkeepers.

  • Use the full pitch and both goals.

  • Set up 2 ball sources, one close to each goal.

  • Set up 2 player stations, 1 at each end of the imaginary halfway line.

  • Divide the players into two teams of 4, with 2 players per team at each station.


  • The goalkeeper starts the move by throwing the ball out to the player who steps forward from the station and shows for the ball. The player controls the ball on the turn to face the opposing goal, before lifting the ball up off the sand and hitting a volleyed shot from distance.

  • The goalkeepers at either end of the pitch take it in turns to play the throw‑out to alternate the direction of the attacking sequence.

  • Count the number of goals scored by each team.


  • Apply the same principle, but this time the attacker must feint or make a decoy run before receiving the ball. The player drives the ball a few metres into the centre of the pitch before lifting it up off the sand and hitting a volleyed shot.

  • After having feinted or made a decoy run, the attacker must drive the ball into the space in the centre of the pitch and then shoot at goal without lifting it up off the sand (i.e. strike the ball off the surface).

Coaching points

  • The players should try to make their shots rebound off the sand in front of the goal to make it difficult for the opposing goalkeeper.

  • When striking the ball off the surface (without first lifting it up), players should make sure that the ball is not in a depression in the sand. Players should drive the ball a little closer to goal if needed.

  • Work on feigning passes and checking their runs.

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