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Change of play

Ramiro Amarelle, 21 Mar 2023


This exercise works on switching play. The aim is to find a team‑mate open on the opposite flank in order to break through a press or throw the opposition out of kilter.


  • This exercise requires 8 players, 4 of whom are introduced as a variation at a later stage.

  • Set up two stations either side of the imaginary halfway line, with a ball at each station.

  • Put the players into two pairs and ask them to stand opposite each other, using the full width of the pitch.


  • The players in each pair play the ball to each other to simulate switching play.

  • The idea behind the exercise is to practise finding a team‑mate who is free on the opposite flank.


  • Perform the exercise with one ball. Set up two playing zones, one at each end of the imaginary halfway line. Introduce the 4 remaining players to set up a 3v1 piggy in the middle within each playing zone. 
  • The first 3 players exchange passes among themselves before switching the ball as quickly as possible to the opposite playing zone. The other 3 players must then exchange passes among themselves before switching it back. The exercise continues back and forth in this manner. Within each playing zone, the piggy in the middle should try to intercept the passes. If they manage to win the ball, they swap places with the player who lost it.

Coaching points

  • Focus on playing aerial passes when switching play.

  • Try to find the player with the most time and space to give them the best possible chance of receiving and playing the ball.

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