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Delaying attack to wait for support

Angelo Schirinzi, 21 Mar 2023


This exercise works on managing the speed of play in the attacking phase, with a particular focus on quick attacking moves. The focus of the exercise is on a supporting attacker holding the ball up for a team-mate to join them in the final third. Support play is a key concept in beach soccer and an important skill to hone.


  •  The exercise requires 6 outfield players and 2 goalkeepers.

  • Use the full pitch and both goals.

  • Set up two ball stations on the edge of one of the penalty areas (one on the left and one on the right).

  • Place a goalkeeper in each goal and a supporting attacker in the penalty area at the opposite end of the pitch to the two ball stations. Divide the remaining players between the two ball stations.


  • A player at one of the ball stations plays a backpass to the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper then plays a long throw‑out towards the supporting attacker in the opposing penalty area, who holds the ball up with their back to goal. A player from the other ball station runs forward and shows for the ball, meeting the supporting attacker’s lay-off with a first‑time attempt on goal from inside the zone marked by the blue cones.

  • Players positioned at the ball stations on the right and left take it in turns to perform the sequence.


  • Add a defender into the penalty area to mark the supporting attacker.

Coaching points

  • The supporting attacker should hold the ball up with their back to goal and play a well‑timed lay‑off to their team‑mate.

  • Ask the supporting attacker to make a decoy run before receiving the ball to allow them to lose their marker and get their body between them and the ball, while waiting for their team-mate to join them in the attacking third.

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