#In possession


Angelo Schirinzi, 21 Mar 2023


This exercise focuses on counter-attacking. Counter-attacks and quick attacking play are used very frequently in beach soccer, with several teams deploying them. The aim of the exercise is to work on attacking transitions as soon as a team win the ball back.


  • Use the full pitch and set up a 5v5.


  • The move starts from one of the goalkeepers, who exchanges passes with their 2 defenders, while the opposing team sit in a low block. The goalkeeper, who is out of his goal and advanced up the pitch, then plays a long pass with their feet towards the opposing goalkeeper to simulate losing possession.

  • As soon as their goalkeeper recovers the ball, the team in a low block should burst forward quickly on the counter-attack and attempt to score within a maximum of three seconds after the long throw‑out from the goalkeeper.

  • During the first few moves, the defending team should drop back and allow the action to unfold to help illustrate the principles of counter-attacking play (analytical work).

  • Rotate the teams after a few moves so that both sides have the opportunity to work on counter-attacking.


  • This time, the team in possession at the beginning of the exercise tries to score rather than playing the ball to the opposing goalkeeper. Counter-attack in a match scenario: the defending team and the attacking team perform the exercise at full intensity.

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