Passing to keep possession

Graeme Dell, 29 Aug 2023


The limited space on a futsal court means that passing has to be incredibly efficient and quick. This exercise gives players the opportunity to work on different types of passing and to improve their decision-making when it comes to finding the right pass.



  • Use one half of the court.

  • Split the players into two teams of 5, including goalkeepers.


  • Set up a 5v4 possession game.

  • The in-possession team have a numerical advantage.

  • When possession is lost, the player who played the last pass before possession was surrendered has to sit out and is replaced by an opposition player. 


  • Variation 1: goalkeepers are limited to one touch.

  • Variation 2: all players are limited to one touch.

  • Variation 3: play a 5v5 with no restrictions on the number of touches allowed.

  • Variation 4: the out-of-possession team have a 5v4 numerical advantage. 

  • Variation 5: goalkeepers are limited to one touch.

Coaching points

  • Players should focus on ball retention and try not to play loose passes.

  • Forward passes should be considered a priority for all players, as they can enhance ball circulation.

  • Non-ball-carrying players should create passing lines to provide team-mates with options at all times and to create space.

  • Intelligent off-the-ball movement helps to disrupt the opposition.

  • Be patient in possession rather than trying to force passes that are not on. 

  • All players should move and support team-mates when not in possession. Standing still and waiting for the ball is likely to result in possession being lost.

  • When possible, play quicker combinations such as one-touch passing, which can be more effective.

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