Dribbling to beat an opponent

Jorge Bras, 29 Aug 2023


This dribbling exercise focuses on attacking 1v1 situations and allows players to work on beating their opponent to create goalscoring opportunities.



  • Use the full length of the court.

  • Mark out a wide channel on either side of the court that ends 3m from the touchline.

  • Place a goal at either end of the court.

  • Set up a 5v5 game.


  • Players are restricted to a maximum of two touches except when inside the wide channels inside the opposition half, where there is no limit on touches. 

  • Every attack is initiated by the goalkeeper.


  • Only one player can enter the wide channel at once.

Coaching points 

  • Attacking players are encouraged to perform shimmies, feints and other movements to beat their defender.

  • When an attacking player engages a defender, it can free up space for team-mates to exploit.

  • When possible, players should dribble at pace to progress towards goal more quickly.

  • Using a range of dribbling techniques helps to make the attack unpredictable for the defenders.

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