Progressive shooting

Jorge Braz, 29 Aug 2023


This aim of this exercise is for players to work on performing a range of finishes in game-like scenarios.



  • Mark out an 18x20m playing area inside one half of the court.

  • Split the group into two teams of 5, including goalkeepers.

  • Give each player a ball.

  • Each player is assigned a number from one to eight.


  • The coach calls out a number at random and that player must immediately shoot on goal.


  • Variation 1: when a player is taking a shot, opposition players can try to disrupt them, without losing control of their own ball.

  • Variation 2: play a 5v5 game with one ball. The goalkeepers are allowed to be in possession of the ball for more than four seconds.

  • Variation 3: the goalkeeper and the off-court pivot take it in turns to take the restarts, based on the coach’s instructions.

  • Variation 4: the pivot takes the restarts.

  • Variation 5: when a goal is scored, play is restarted by the team that scored.

Coaching points

  • Vary the part of the foot used to take shots, e.g. outside of foot, toe end, instep, etc.

  • Players can offer their team-mates different options to help them to get into positions to finish on goal.

  • A player can indicate where they wish to receive the ball by adopting an open body orientation, which serves to make passing sequences more successful.

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