Control under pressure

José Venancio López , 29 Aug 2023


Ball control is a fundamental skill in futsal. This exercise gives players exposure to a lot of touches in a game-like environment. The drill aims to work on using different parts of the foot to control the ball, orientated ball control to move or pass, as well as effective body orientation and scanning when receiving the ball.



  • Mark out a 20x20m playing area.

  • Split the group into two teams of 4, plus 1 neutral (attacking) player.


  • The two teams compete to keep possession of the ball. 

  • All players must take a minimum of two touches. This rule also applies to the neutral player, who must perform an orientated ball control each time they receive the ball.


  • Place a goalkeeper in each goal. Once the in-possession team complete three passes, the playing area is extended to the whole court and the team can attack the opposition’s goal. 

Coaching points

  • Maintaining good ball control increases a team’s chances of retaining possession for a longer period.

  • Players need to consider using the sole and instep of their foot to improve their control of the ball.

  • By taking an orientated first touch, players can move or pass in the direction they wish to go.

  • Good body orientation allow players to gain an advantage when receiving the ball.

  • Scanning before receiving the ball helps players to understand how much time they will have on the ball and in which direction they can move. 

  • Due to the limited space involved in the exercise, feinting passes or feinting to receive the ball can be effective ways to deceive opponents and create space.

  • Players should work to open up passing lines to ensure that team-mates have a passing option at all times.

  • Clever movement can create space to allow players to receive passes in good areas.

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