Transition and pressing from 4v2 to 4v6

Gary Phillips, 04 Jun 2024


Following a transition, it is vital that the defending team apply a coordinated press. This exercise focuses on developing players’ ability to press as a unit.


  • Mark out a 30m x 20m exercise area. 

  • Create a 5m x 5m square in the middle of the exercise area.

  • Divide the group into 2 teams (6 oranges and 4 blues).

  • Set up a 4v2 scenario inside the square, with the numerical advantage in favour of the blues. 

  • Position an orange player in each corner of the exercise area.


  • The coach plays the ball to a blue player.

  • The blues try to keep possession in the square, while the oranges attempt to win the ball.

  • If the oranges manage to gain possession, they play the ball to a team-mate positioned outside the square and all players leave the square to create a 6v4 scenario. 

  • The blues become the pressing team and try to win the ball back within 30 seconds.

  • If they do not manage to do so, the coach stops play and the sequence is restarted.

  • If an orange player plays the ball out of the exercise area, the sequence is restarted.


  • To keep player motivation and intensity levels high, challenge each team to complete 10 passes (the blues inside the square, the oranges outside it).

 Coaching points 

  • In-possession players should look to secure the first pass after winning possession with a view to initiating the next action successfully.

  • In-possession players should provide clear passing lanes to offer the ball carrier as many options as possible.

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