High-speed transitions

Gary Phillips, 11 Jun 2024


The transition phase is one of the most important aspects in futsal. The size of the pitch means that goals can be scored in the transition phase, with defending-team players required to display a good level of fitness to counter opposition counter-attacks. This exercise enables players to work on transitioning quickly from attack to defence and vice versa.


  • Mark out a 20m x 30m exercise area either side of the halfway line.

  • Divide the group into 2 teams of 4 (oranges and blues) and assign a team to each half of the exercise area.

  • Place 2 orange players inside the blues’ half.


  • A 4v2 possession game is contested inside the blues’ half.

  • The blues’ objective is to complete 10 passes. If they manage to do so, they are awarded a point.

  • The 2 orange players try to win the ball back.

  • If an orange player gets a touch to the ball or a blue player puts the ball out of play, the coach feeds a new ball into an orange player in the other half of the exercise area, and the 2 orange pressing players move into the other half and become in-possession players.

  • Two blue players enter the oranges’ half to try to regain possession.

Coaching points 

  • Pressing players should apply a coordinated press.

  • Encourage in-possession players to take no more than 2 touches.

  • In-possession players should create passing angles for the ball carrier.

  • In-possession players should make good movement to receive the ball.

  • Pressing players should press at high intensity.

  • Players must recover quickly between transitions.

  • In-possession players must weigh their passes.

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