Multiball passing

Gary Phillips, 21 May 2024


Dribbling, receiving and passing are key skills in futsal and should be worked on in fitness-specific exercises, with a view to increasing the speed at which players are able to perform such actions.


  • Mark out an 11m x 11m exercise area.

  • Distribute the players evenly around the edges of the exercise area. 

  • Give 5 players a ball.


  • The players with a ball dribble into the exercise area simultaneously.

  • Each player makes eye contact with a player positioned around the outside of the exercise area before passing the ball to them. 

  • The passer swaps position with the recipient, and the recipient dribbles the ball into the exercise area.

Variation 1

  • The passer plays a bounce pass with a player on the outside of the exercise area before passing the ball to another outside player.

Variation 2

  • Introduce more balls into the exercise and ask players to increase the tempo at which they perform the exercise.

Coaching point

  • Players should dribble at pace while keeping their head up in order to make eye contact with the intended recipient of their pass.

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