Pressing 4v4 plus 4

Gary Phillips, 21 May 2024


Constant changes in position, in both attack and defence, are a key feature of futsal and mean that pressing at high intensity and sound positional awareness are crucial skills to master. This 4v4 plus 4 possession game works on these attributes in a scenario involving a significant attacking overload.


  • Set up the exercise field like in the graphic above.

  • Divide the group into 3 teams of 4 players (blues, oranges and greens).

  • Position an attacking team in each half (oranges and blues) and assign the other team as the defending team (greens). 


  • The exercise starts with the coach serving a ball to the oranges.

  • The aim for the oranges and blues, whose players are limited to 2 touches, is to retain possession.

  • The greens look to regain possession.

  • All players are free to move in all areas of the exercise area.

  • If the greens win the ball or force it out of play, the team that lost possession become the defending team.

  • If an orange or blue player takes more than 2 touches, their team become the defending team. 

Coaching points

  • Attacking players should look to retain possession by creating passing options for team-mates.

  • Attacking players should make good movement to receive the ball.

  • Defending players should press aggressively as a unit to try to regain possession.

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