Recovery runs

Gary Phillips, 11 Jun 2024


Given that transitions are such a key feature in futsal, exercises that work on players’ ability to transition from the attacking to the defensive phase – a prerequisite to compete at elite level – should feature in any fitness training programme within the sport. This exercise focuses specifically on attacking players transitioning to make recovery runs.


  • Use a full pitch.

  • Place a goalkeeper in each goal.

  • Divide the group into 2 teams of 6 (oranges and blues). 

  • Line each team up beside a goal and give each player a ball.


  • The first orange player in the queue dribbles as fast as they can towards the goal at the opposite end of the pitch.

  • As soon as they enter the end zone (delimited by the 10-metre mark), the first blue player in the queue dribbles as fast as they can towards the opposite end of the pitch.

  • Immediately after making an attempt on goal, the orange player chases the blue player and tries to prevent them from scoring.

  • If the ball goes out of play by passing over a touchline, the move is over, and the next player advances towards goal.

  • The sequence is repeated until all players have had a go.

Coaching points

  • Players should perform all actions at maximum intensity. 

  • When making an attempt on goal at maximum intensity, players should pay extra attention to hitting the target and challenging the goalkeeper. 

  • Players should focus on recovering quickly and preventing the opposition player from scoring.

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