Downloadable session plans and new practices now available

FIFA, 15 Mar 2022


To help coaches implement FIFA Training Centre practices, downloadable session plans are now available for all grassroots and elite sessions.

The FIFA Training Centre is happy to introduce a variety of new training sessions and a brand new feature that now allows users to download session plans. By downloading a plan, coaches can ensure that all the vital information needed to execute a Training Centre session will be stored directly on their devices or printed out on paper; this information includes the practice organisation, explanations, variations and coaching points.

Below is an example of the new downloadable session plan feature. Users will find a link like this at the bottom of every training session:

Users can discover the FIFA Training Centre's broad selection of session plans in the Practice area's Grassroots and Elite sections. Grassroots is organised by age group and releases one new session per age bracket every other week; video footage accompanies each practice to assist coaches with implementation. In Elite, sessions focus on topics such as the in possession or out-of-possession game states.

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