Design effective practices


In order for players to fulfil their potential, they must be exposed to the right type of practice throughout their development. This section offers coaches a vast range of training sessions aimed at cultivating the essential skills and qualities that players require to thrive on the pitch. The content features sessions for all levels, from grassroots to elite, and all age groups, from young children to adults. The elite training sessions are based on game scenarios, whereas grassroots sessions focus on the basics and are arranged by age group.


Players face many challenges during the course of a football match and require certain skills and qualities in order to overcome them. The training sessions in this section are designed to mirror the challenges encountered in match scenarios. Being exposed to these challenges in a controlled environment allows players to gradually develop and master the skills and qualities required to successfully negotiate them. Repeating the wide variety of challenges provided in these elite training sessions will help players to excel in all of the scenarios that arise during a football match.

Session plans

Designed by FIFA grassroots experts, the following training sessions are intended to be inclusive, fun and educational. This section offers coaches access to a wide variety of sessions that are suitable for all abilities and guarantee engagement and attainment. The drills that feature within the sessions help players to develop the core skills required to enjoy the game. Each session is split into three main parts: a warm-up, a main drill and a concluding exercise.

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8 to 12
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Technical Activation

Technical activation is a highly functional training protocol focusing on movement, technique and passing coordination, while also emphasising good footballing awareness habits. It is based on football-movement specificity, that's been fine-tuned to create a repertoire of exercises taking on board every movement pattern and passing technique. A high volume of ball contact is implemented to stimulate both technical and awareness developmental pathways. Overall, it can be viewed as a technical warm-up protocol that fully prepares players for training while simultaneously reinforcing technical learning, but also has a standalone developmental programme for developing young players.