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Coordination and the game

FIFA, 01 Mar 2022


The first exercise is divided into three parts with exercises to warm up the players in different physical aspects. The session moves on to a passing exercise where two teams have to circulate the ball in a certain order. The last exercise is 4v4 line-football game.

Warm-up: 3 different variations


  • Divide your area into three and the players into three equal groups
  • Make up three different activities, with and without a ball if possible
  • Focus on physical movements, touches of the ball and include a competitive element
  • Be creative and resourceful – vary the activities when you repeat this session

Ways to make the exercise easier

  • No competition between players, just focus on technique and movement

Ways to make the exercise harder

  • Increase the physical challenge
  • Increase the competition in each area

Great questions to ask the children

  • Can you think carefully about what you need to do to be successful in each area?
  • Can you make up a game in the physical movement area?
  • Can you make up a technical exercise in the ball area?

Skill development: Finding your teammate


  • Create two teams with a ball for each team – maximum of seven per team
  • Give each player a number, players to pass in sequence by throwing
  • Challenge the players not to drop the ball, if their team drops it, they lose!
  • Move ball to feet and repeat – if it leaves the area, the team loses!

Ways to make the exercise easier

  • Players can start by standing still
  • No competition, just focus on not dropping the ball, then increase distance

Ways to make the exercise harder

  • Create a race between two teams to complete a number of passes
  • Add a second ball
  • Players have to be moving all the time
  • You have to pass over another colour when throwing the ball
  • You have to pass through two other colours to your team-mate

Great questions to ask the children

  • Can you show me the best way to throw a pass?
  • Can you call for the ball when you are ready to receive it?
  • When you pass the ball with your feet, can you focus on passing it accurately to your partner?

Safety tips

Players must keep their heads up while moving around, and be aware of the other team and other balls in the air

Game application: Line-football


  • Create multiple pitches for games of 4v4  
  • Group children by size or ability
  • Ask the players to focus on passing
  • Can they receive the ball on the end line?
  • If they cannot make a pass, they should try to dribble to the end line

Ways to make the exercise easier:

  • Players can stop the ball on or past the line

Ways to make the exercise harder:

  • Players can only stop on the line when receiving a pass

 Great questions to ask the children:

  • Can you think about how to receive a pass on the line?
  • Can you think about when you move to receive the ball?
  • Can you focus on the quality of your final pass?

Safety tips:

  • Create a safe zone between each mini-pitch

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