#France U17 Men

Wednesday game: France v. Wales

Jean‑Luc Vannuchi and Vincent Hamonic, 13 Jun 2023


After three days of preparation, the France U17s take on Wales in the first game of their international camp.

Pre-match warm-up

The warm‑up involves a muscle activation and stretching component led by fitness coach Yoan Deloze, as well as a technical, ball‑based (possession) part overseen by assistant coach Vincent Hamonic.

  • Part 1: the players perform a series of dynamic stretches to activate and warm up their muscles in preparation for the technical part of the warm‑up.

  • Part 2: the players are divided into pairs and are positioned opposite each other to work on basic technical actions over very short distances (short passes, volleyed passes, chest control followed by a pass, etc.).

  • Part 3: the players are split into two groups of 5 that line up opposite each other, approximately 15m apart. The exercise involves a one‑ or two‑touch passing and lay‑off game.

  • Part 4: static stretches and acceleration exercises.

  • Part 5: 5v5 possession game in a playing area of approximately 18m x 15m. The game is divided into three one‑minute periods.

  • Part 6: series of short sprints, with each player completing two rounds.

  • Part 7: the players are divided into two position-specific groups: the defenders work on long balls, while the attackers practise their finishing.

Match v. Wales

After two days of training and preparation, it was finally time for the first instalment of the France U17’s double‑header against Wales. Contrary to what the French coaching staff had expected, the Welsh lined up in a 4-2-3-1 formation and not a 4-4-2 diamond, which may ultimately have worked in France’s favour.

Match highlights


  • France had the upper hand in the opening half an hour, creating a host of chances thanks to their assurance on the ball and combination play, an aspect they had worked on in training. The French were, however, guilty of being wasteful in front of goal, managing to convert just one of their openings.

  • Wales began to create opportunities of their own after the half-hour mark, prompting France head coach Jean-Luc Vannuchi to regroup his charges in a compact defensive block to weather the storm and ensure that they did not concede before the break.

  • In the second half, chances were few and far between, although the Welsh offered a reminder of their threat when a dangerous cross was sent into the box in the 77th minute. However, Les Bleuets scored a second goal in the 80th minute to put the result beyond doubt.

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