Talent Development section now available on the FIFA Training Centre

FIFA, 11 Feb 2022


One of FIFA’s central objectives is to provide equal opportunity for talent development worldwide and increase global competitiveness. Insight into this initiative can now be discovered on the FIFA Training Centre.

We are excited to announce the new Talent Development  section of the Training Centre, which you can find in the Environment area. 

Last year, FIFA conducted a ground-breaking global ecosystem analysis involving 205 member associations (MAs). The process spanned 14 months and provided the empirical foundations for the FIFA Global Report. One of the report's most significant findings was a great number of talented players go undiscovered. In light of this, the main thrust of the Talent Development section of the FIFA Training Centre is to provide leaders, coaches, support staff and football enthusiasts with information on how organisations and individuals within the game can progress the talent within their community.

Give every talent a chance

FIFA President Gianni Infantino

A core component of the Talent Development  section is the Talent Development Scheme (TDS) subsection. Here, all who are interested can access a range of information regarding FIFA's recently launched scheme aimed to help MAs develop talent and increase equality of opportunity globally. This subsection's information includes messages and explanations from the FIFA President himself, alongside FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development, Arsène Wenger. Users can also access leaflets and application forms for the TDS.

Users will also find the Ecosystem analysis subsection within Talent Development. This space includes three pathway articles that explain the different stages of talent development and their significance. The articles are accompanied by a 30-minute interview with Arsène Wenger and Steven Martens, FIFA's Technical Director. Together they discuss a wide range of subjects related to talent development, spanning from talent identification to holistic education. 

The third and final subsection of Talent DevelopmentGlobal case studies, includes examples of individual MAs involved in the ecosystem analysis. Here, users can discover innovative ways these MAs ensure they give every talent a chance.

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