Using the goalkeeper to create overloads

Antonio García, 02 Apr 2024


In futsal, the goalkeeper is increasingly used to create a numerical advantage. As a prominent feature of the game, it is therefore important that all goalkeepers work on mastering this aspect in training scenarios. The following exercise works on the goalkeeper’s technical and decision-making skills.


  • Use half of a court.

  • Position a goal at either end of the exercise area. 

  • Place a goalkeeper in each goal. 

  • Position a third goalkeeper on the touchline with a number of balls.

  • Set up a 2v2 scenario (plus goalkeepers).


  • The exercise begins with the off-court goalkeeper playing a pass to either goalkeeper.

  • The outfield players on the team in possession have a two-touch limit. There is no limit on the number of touches that the goalkeeper can take.

  • Each time the ball goes out of play, the off-court goalkeeper restarts play by playing the ball to the in-possession team’s goalkeeper.

  • The team to score the most goals win.


  • Variation 1: The goalkeeper occupies a starting position on the flank (instead of in a central area).

  • Variation 2: Mark out a central zone, in which the goalkeepers are restricted to two touches and four seconds while they have complete freedom on the flanks.

Coaching points

  • Encourage goalkeepers to actively participate in building attacks.

  • Utilize the goalkeeper's skills to initiate offensive plays.

  • Encourage goalkeepers to find solutions rapidly by distributing the ball efficiently.

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