FIFA World Cup 2022 analysis


The new World Cup page on the FIFA Training Centre has been designed as a hub for anyone interested in analysing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ games from a technical standpoint. The content will include a range of interviews, videos, articles and podcasts, all contributed by the members of FIFA's Technical Study Group (TSG), an expert team of ex-players and coaches lead by FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development, Arsène Wenger. Their unique blend of on-pitch experience and analytical acumen will help you decode the action on the pitch and read between the lines to understand how matches are won and lost.

FIFA Insight

With a multitude of matches being played in a short time frame, it can be hard to put a finger on the technical and tactical elements emerging in the tournament. FIFA Insight brings clarity to the non-stop footballing action. With the support of FIFA's Enhanced Football Intelligence metrics, telestrated video footage and their own expertise, the TSG in conjunction with the FIFA High Performance Team shed light on the technical and tactical trends that are defining the competition. New episodes are released after each round of fixtures, leaving you with a thorough and holistic understanding of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

FIFA Insight Live Podcast

The seven TSG experts will observe all 64 World Cup matches, and The Training Centre's new FIFA Insights Live podcast will record their journey every step of the way. These conversations will show football in a new light, as the experts combine their expertise with the FIFA High Performance Team's novel Enhanced Football Intelligence to help you see what's really happening on the pitch.

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Match Report Hub

FIFA's post match summary reports provide a wealth of statistical information. Containing data for different game states at both the team and individual level, these reports can act as empirical companions to complement the football enthusiast's technical understanding of the tournament.

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Technical Study Group

Six of the seven TSG experts have taken part in a World Cup as a player or as a coach, and given that the seventh member of the team is none other than Arsène Wenger, there is no doubting the technical expertise they bring to the table. Below, Wenger and fellow TSG members Cha Du-Ri, Jürgen Klinsmann, Faryd Mondragón, Sunday Oliseh, Alberto Zaccheroni and Pascal Zuberbühler, share their thoughts on a range of issues relevant to the upcoming tournament.

Enhanced Football Intelligence (EFI) metrics
Wenger explains Enhanced Football Intelligence metrics
The 11 EFI metrics