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Liverpool FC: Goalkeeper practice library

FIFA, 02 Nov 2023


In this article, we will explore the training routines employed by Liverpool FC to prepare their goalkeepers for both three-game week schedules and one-game week schedules.

Between the roaring cheers of the Anfield faithful and the thunderous strikes of world-class forwards, it's easy to overlook the silent heroes guarding the last line of defense—Liverpool FC's goalkeepers. Behind the scenes, a symphony of meticulous preparation and unwavering dedication unfolds to ensure that these guardians of the net are primed and ready for every challenge they face. In this article, we delve into the inner workings of Liverpool FC's goalkeeper practice regimen, , providing a comprehensive breakdown of the various exercises that were discussed in detail during our  interview with John Achterberg.

One-game week

Achterberg's approach at Liverpool FC is designed to optimize the training of goalkeepers by taking advantage of midweek game-free periods. This allows him and the coaches to have more dedicated time to work with the goalkeepers. The training week is strategically structured to gradually build up towards the tactical aspects required for the upcoming match. Here is an overview of the training week:

  • On Matchday -4, the focus is on speed and agility, emphasizing goalkeeper specific movement patterns.

  • Matchday -3 emphasizes power, speed, and reactions to enhance performance levels.

  • Matchday -2 is dedicated to game preparation and reactions. This could involve simulating game scenarios and working on the goalkeepers' decision-making skills, positioning, and communication with the defense.

  • On Matchday -1, the sessions are designed to promote a positive mindset and overall well-being, ensuring the goalkeepers feel confident and physically as well as mentally prepared for the game.

Matchday -4: Speed & moving day
Matchday -3: Power, speed & reactions
Matchday -2: Game preparation & reactions
Matchday -1: Feel-good sessions

Three-game week

Training during three-game weeks can be challenging for Liverpool FC due to their busy schedule, especially when competing in Europe. In such weeks, Achterberg adopts a different approach to ensure the goalkeepers are well-prepared. With limited recovery time and less training pitch availability, the focus shifts towards tactical aspects and maintaining performance levels rather than intense exercises. Here is an overview of the training week during three-game weeks:

  • Matchday -3: This day is dedicated to recovery, including activities such as massage, gym work, and stretching.

  • Matchday -2: The focus on this day is game preparation and reactions.

  • Matchday -1: These sessions are designed to promote a positive mindset and overall well-being. Warm-up exercises and reactions are incorporated to prepare the goalkeepers physically and mentally.

Matchday -2: Game preparation & reactions
Matchday -1: Feel-good sessions, warm-up and reactions

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