Offering to receive

FIFA, 04 Nov 2021

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          A clear and deliberate action performed in an attempt to receive the ball, which has an impact on the current in-possession phase. This action can be via a clear and obvious signal or a movement (including a change in body shape).

          An example of an offer to receive can be when a centre-forward drops into midfield to create a passing option for a team-mate in possession or when a centre-midfielder drops in beside the centre-backs to create an overload in an attempt to build possession. It can also occur when a player adjusts their body shape to evade an opposition player who tries to stop them receiving the ball.

          A player who gestures for a pass to be played into space that they intend to run onto is also offering to receive. For example, an attacking midfielder who indicates that the ball should be played in behind a defender so that they can break a line with an attacking run is making an offer to receive.

          Decoy runs designed to move an opposition player and create space are also examples of offers to receive. The player who offers to receive does not always receive the ball.