Qualities of a youth coach

FIFA, 12 Oct 2023


A strong youth development system is crucial to the long-term success of any club, and that strong youth system relies on good coaching. However, working with children and teenagers brings a different set of challenges and responsibilities to coaching established professionals, and coaches have to adapt their approach accordingly.

In this follow-up to the video on the biggest challenges currently facing youth football, the FIFA Training Centre asked eight experts to identify the key attributes of a good youth coach. Their answers highlighted a wide range of factors, including the need to develop young footballers as people first and players second, and to how to balance discipline with creative freedom. They also touch on the complexity of what is a highly specialised role, and consider how clubs can incentivise top coaches to commit to working with youngsters over the long term.

Since this piece was filmed at the FIFA Blue Stars Tournament 2022, Heinz Moser has left FC Zürich to join FC Augsburg. Between them, the eight experts are currently working at seven different clubs in France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, and can draw on a wide variety of expertise at all levels of youth football.

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