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The role of the technical director: Clarence Acuña

FIFA, 16 Dec 2022


In this interview, CONMEBOL's Head of Development Clarence Acuña discusses what makes the South American confederation unique and how it is working with FIFA to develop football across all ten of its member associations.

As part of our series on the roles of the confederation technical directors, FIFA's Group Leader of Corporate Communications David Noemi caught up with Clarence Acuña to talk about the implications of being FIFA's smallest confederation, the importance of technical analysis, and how FIFA's Talent Development Scheme can help the confederation nurture young players right across South America.

This interview was conducted in Spanish. For English subtitles, click the "subtitles" icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. 

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The importance of identity and technical analysis
In numerical terms, CONMEBOL is the smallest of FIFA's confederations, with just 10 member associations. This means it can provide its members with tailored support to address specific problems at all levels of the game, right across the continent. This individual approach is also reflected in its development work, including the way coaches and educators are trained and how the the results of FIFA's tournament analyses are communicated to associations. The aim is to raise standards across South America, and especially beyond the traditional heartlands of Brazil and Argentina.

Developing the game and the Talent Development Scheme
As CONMEBOL's technical director, Acuña is focused on developing the men's game across the continent. Alongside providing more support for ex-players as they move into new careers beyond football, he is also working hard on the "Campeones del Mundo" programme, which is designed to allow promising youngsters to develop in their home communities, rather than moving to academies at ever younger ages. FIFA's Talent Development Scheme can make a valuable contribution in this regard by providing funding and helping the confederation direct resources as effectively as possible.

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